Let Your Body Tell You How To Heal

Posted on 12th November, 2019

You want to feel healthy and vibrantly alive so that you can fully enjoy life. One of the most disturbing feelings is when you feel unwell in any way and you are not sure what is wrong.

Some of you may even begin to think the worst and let the worry carry you into anxiety and depression. What can be done intuitively to help you get to the source of your illness or discomfort?

It first helps to understand that every experience which elicits emotion creates a tissue memory in the body. Injuries that traumatize the body usually cause strong emotions as well and are always remembered in the body tissues. Emotional and physical pain is recorded in the tissues of the body to remind us not to get injured in this way again. Experiences of physical pain, emotional loss, anger, and injured feelings all create energy in the body which is rather less than positive.

If these experiences are left unresolved they usually express physically in order to get the resolution needed. It is easier to ignore hurt feelings than perhaps a foot you cannot step down on because of severe pain.

Release Your Issues or They Will Stay in Your Tissues

Literally, we become not the sum of our experiences but rather the sum of our perception of our experiences. When there is illness and discomfort in your body it is useful and important to take notice. I find that simply stopping and observing can bring resolution.

Anyone can learn to listen to the stories of drama or trauma tucked away in their bodies.

  • Begin by sitting quietly and breathing deeply until you feel relaxed.
  • Now scan your body from head to toe and become aware of any areas of pain or tension.
  • When you locate an area of need, pause and observe.
  • Relax even deeper as you simply observe the area in the body.
  • Allow yourself to be the observer of this area of the body in a very detached way.
  • Observe whether it seems dense and heavy or light and airy. Is there a color or texture that comes to mind? Perhaps a shape or movement develops for you to record.
  • Keep observing the language of the body as it reveals its story.

Observe All the Changes

Sometimes just through your loving attention, you will observe the body part begin to change from hard and tense to soft and relaxed. Observe all changes and messages as if to just collect the data. At some point, you can ask the body questions and if you are deeply attuned to your body you will receive the answers. All illness stems from a trauma that has in some way affected you emotionally. When you can understand the originating source you are on the path to resolution. When you are able to acknowledge the body's pain and begin to resolve the problem, your body no longer needs to get your attention.

Some questions I recommend asking the body

  • Is there something you would like me to know? Listen carefully.
  • Is this pain or illness I am observing related to physical, or emotional reasons?
  • What do you need to feel better?

I Can Assist You on Your Healing Journey

My dear, whenever you feel helpless or hopeless, feel free to contact me. I can help you during your healing process. Using the power of intuitive psychic readings and energy healing sessions, you can overcome the difficulties that come your way. You can let go of old thought patterns and unblock the blockages that are holding you back.

It is my wish and prayer that you always be blessed with vibrant health!