Is It Possible to Be Cursed?

Posted on 22nd July, 2021

The common belief in curses dates back to ancient times, for justifying a supposedly supernatural occurrence that cannot be validated any other way - the proof that a negative outcome can weigh heavily on a person's self-confidence and hope for a brighter fate.

Nowadays, people still can't shake the thought of being cursed, as I still receive this question that requires proper and reliable answers.

There are two prevailing perspectives:

  • The suspicion that someone has cast a spell or invocation of harm upon another or their possession. All the negativity directed at a person might be merely anger, fear, or hatred - common feelings taking the form of words and meant to cause harm. You might feel the unfavorable effects as long as you think of yourself the same way as those believed to be cursing you. Higher self-esteem can take you a long way and completely shift your outlook.
  • The assumption that everything evil coming your way is a response coming as retribution for your past actions. Hard times are typical for most people, but so are moments of good luck. Life has its ups and downs; you just need to find your path and advance with confidence. It all depends on how you respond to it; you hold power to make things better for yourself and brighten up your future, no matter how gloomy your past was.

Is It Possible to be Cursed in Love?

Some sources of these beliefs stem from psychological traits - people tend to attribute negative events in their lives to supernatural influences. The mind is an astonishing mechanism - it can turn from vulnerable to impenetrable quite fast, depending on the exterior influences it's subjected to. It can also give substance to meaningless ideas or fake truths while creating connections between their misfortune and personal errors to magical forces.

Social factors have also dictated the background and resources of popular culture, which is why we have:

  • Superstitious beliefs, such as the "evil eye" - when you attract the envy of those less fortunate than you, and it begins to affect your luck instead.
  • Hereditary curses - when people believe that their bad luck and negative traits are passed down from one generation to another as a consequence of their actions and sins.
  • Media control - when typical occurrences that trigger fear in common perception are overplayed and sensationalized. The messages that required forwarding or catastrophes would happen to you otherwise, or horror movies that gained a reputation as being cursed, are some examples of media dominance.

If you believe in curses, it will only make you live in fear, undermine your decision-making process, and cast doubt on every step you take. Don't let this feeling take hold of you; trust yourself, and the universe will reciprocate.

You might feel comfortable opening up to a professional who can help you healthily process your emotions and overcome your worries. A spiritually aligned reading will provide the insight you need to train your mind and spirit and attract the happiness you search for.