How Intuition Helps in Relationships

Posted on 6th April, 2021

Have you ever known something without having direct knowledge or without understanding why or how you know? That gut feeling you're experiencing is called intuition and everyone may have experienced it at one point. It's often described as the unconscious reasoning that urges us to do something without knowing the rationale behind it. The nature of intuition has inspired centuries of inquiries and research in fields such as psychology and philosophy.

How to Use Intuition

One of the things that intuition can help you with is becoming a better person. It's still used as a trusty tool to unravel the pits of human nature and relationships. I know because it has helped me in mine, and for me, it was a profound experience. It makes you become more insightful about yourself, your flaws, strengths and weaknesses, and it can increase the probability of having a happier relationship with your loved ones.

While intuition may help unlock cryptic words or behaviors, it's not a tool that you want to use recklessly or for the wrong reasons. Many people for example appeal to their intuition to extract the truth from someone or because they want to know they're told the truth.

You might feel as if your partner is holding something back or doesn't open up sufficiently. You may feel like you're in the shadows looking for crumbs on anything that might make you feel less of an outsider.

I'm sorry to say, but that's not when intuition kicks in. I certainly had a similar experience where I knew more than what someone had told me, however, it's not a good reason to think that developing your intuition will help you in your relationship, at least not in that way.

What Intuition Does for Your Relationships

The best way to use intuition is to depict the feelings and insights that make the relationship smoother, using it to help your partner, and knowing what to say to them at the right time. It's a synchronicity dance between your feelings and knowing what your relationship needs at that moment. Also, don't be afraid to make your feelings known. Intuition tends to drop through the voice first and it will help you express everything you're feeling.

Finally, if you're looking to enhance your relationships romantic or otherwise, as you develop your intuition you will find additional support for your love, happiness, and peace in your relationships.

If you'd like to tap more into the art of developing your intuition and learn to develop your personal intuitive voice, I recommend reading my book Knowing. It's my personal service to everyone who's looking to receive true change in their lives and experience happiness and peace.