Interpreting Your Dreams

Posted on 16th November, 2019

We will address three different categories of dreams:

  1. Dreams with symbols that need to be deciphered.
  2. Premonition dreams.
  3. A theme over the course of the dreams. Perhaps a lesson or guidance.

When it comes to books on the subject of dream interpretation, you may find some conflicting opinions.

Dreams are as unique as fingerprints, and so is the interpretation. My suggestion now is that you find and skim through 3 different dream interpretation books. Do not (and I know you want to) - but resist the urge to look up every word in your dream journal. You will be drawn to One book more than the other two. Trust this, and buy only one, yes 1, as in Uno. If you purchase more than one, you will drive yourself crazy trying to interpret. I will show you why only one book is needed.

Read your dream journal once all the way through. It will be fascinating reading, I promise.

Symbols, Meanings, Premonition

What can help you interpret and understand the messages of your dreams? Your intuition! Let your higher self know that this will be the dream interpretation outline and meanings that you will be using from now on. You don't need to memorize anything. Your higher self knows how to help you.

Symbols - They can pop up in dreams. Symbols from ancient times, hieroglyphics, or animal totems. I get a lot of symbols in my visions as well in my dreams, and I have found the Herders Symbol Dictionary very handy. Another thing to be aware of is that certain animals have meaning or messages.

Theme Dreams - Often there is a theme throughout the course of several dreams. It's a theme, and it's for you from your higher self. Endeavore to accept the meaning in it. If you aren't able to identify the theme or are having trouble interpreting your dream, of course, I will be happy to help you with intuitive interpretation.

Premonition - These dreams in my experience have a very different feeling. Once you have had one you always feel the different vibe of a premonition dream.

I will be happy to help with dream interpretation if you find yourself confused or "too close" to the situation.

Sweet Dreams.