How to Recycle a Human

Posted on 12th March, 2019

You are already created to recycle yourself. You slough off skin cells and debris constantly, without being aware of doing this. It is a pain-free process that allows your cells to renew and rebuild in the place of the old ones.

Spring cleaning is a commonly known practice. We throw open the windows and give the house a deep cleaning. There are many levels of cleaning. This article is about cleaning up other areas of human energy. Thoughts, habits, relationships, feelings, and energy all need to be kept fresh. To do this we must periodically shed what is not benefitting the human experience any longer.

Every material possession has energy attached to it, and this can be an important place to start your cleaning. Most of us are familiar with cleaning out old 'stuff'. If you don't use it, lose it. Let your trash become someone else's treasure. You still may resist giving up something that once held great importance or was given to you by Great Aunt So and So.

The important question to ask is this: Do I USE this item and do I LOVE this item?

If the answer is no, then WHO might benefit from this item? You will benefit more from the freed up energy of letting it go. Everything we own also owns us energetically speaking. It must be stored, protected, cared for, maintained, moved, insured, etc. At the most basic level of changing the energy in your home is to shed old accumulated stuff. Moving furniture will change the flow of energy and free up stagnant places that frequently develop between furniture or because of clutter.


Become aware of some of the thoughts you think daily. Perhaps these are the same thoughts you have had for years. If the way you have been thinking has not produced the desired results maybe it is time for a new approach. This is where self-help books and spiritual material can become helpful. Choosing to change your thoughts takes only a second but the results can be very powerful over a lifetime.


It's easier to create new healthy habits than to just give up an old one. What habits do you have that are not producing the life you desire? Think about a new habit that would change your life. Repurpose the old habit, give yourself a new approach and feel how refreshing it is to change things up.


"Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold." It is so difficult to give up old relationships, especially the ones that 'could be great', the ones that 'used to be such fun', even if these current relationships are causing a great deal of pain. Sometimes it may be time to downgrade the level of importance a relationship has or repurpose it differently. Start by asking yourself what do I want from each of my relationships? Are my relationships fulfilling? What would need to change? You don't need to throw out all outgrown relationships, however looking for a relationship to be what it once was or what it was supposed to have become may no longer be realistic. Often times, just asking yourself what you want in your relationships can facilitate positive changes.


Our homes and workplaces not only accumulate dust and debris over time. The space you live and work in develops an energy imprint. Imagine the feeling of being in a place of worship or a place of Warfare.

Most everyone can feel the energy or intentions that have been repeated in each place. It is also true that some places seem to be affected by unseen forces of disturbance. To some, these are felt as ghosts and can be very disturbing if it is taking place in your home. In our homes, we get so used to being surrounded by our own energy that we may not notice the feeling our environment has accumulated.

Do people come into your home and comment on the feeling of peace or joy they feel? Cleaning up the energy a place holds is often called Space Clearing. Some very strong tools for renewing the energy of a place have been used in spiritual ceremonies and places of worship. Some examples of tools for transforming energy are music, chanting, prayer repetition, fire, salt, and natural oils such as Frankincense.

Shawna is a Spiritual Counselor in San Marcos. She has many years of experience with investigating and clearing unwanted energy. Please feel free to contact Shawna with any questions you may have.