How to Plant Your Dreams

Posted on 30th March, 2019

Are you planting weeds? Are you planting flowering or fruiting trees? Spring is a great time to plant in the garden. Spring is also a fabulous time to plant your future.

If you don't plant a seed it will not grow and the same is true for dreams and goals. You also get the 'fruits' of exactly what you it weed, flower, or dream.

Here is a great way to have fun planting your garden.

Plant the Seeds of Your Future

  1. Dig your hole in the ground
  2. You may want to add special nutrition for the sprout
  3. Now take the little seed or plant in your hands
  4. Think of an idea/dream that you would like to manifest
  5. With love or a prayer imagine your outcome for this dream exactly as it will be
  6. As your plant grows, hold the vision that your dream is blooming as well

Happy Spring!

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