How to Cleanse Your Home of Unwanted Energies

Posted on 8th October, 2021

It might be time to try smudging for cleansing and regeneration whenever you find yourself hindered by stagnant negative energies.

Many of my clients told me they don't smudge because it is complex and time-consuming.

During spiritual ceremonies or healing sessions, smudging can be performed in more elaborate ways.

Still, smudging is not difficult if you want to cleanse your home or yourself. Before smudging, you need to prepare a few items and follow some simple steps for safe and efficient smudging. Smudging is a spiritual practice used by indigenous people worldwide for various purposes, including energy cleansing, protection, and spiritual purposes.

You can perform smudging to cleanse your being on multiple levels and the surrounding environment - home and workspace. This ancient practice dissipates stagnant, negative energies and, during spiritual ceremonies, helps reconnect with our true Self, with angels or spirit guides. Dried herbs, wood sticks, or resins are burned, while traditionally, the one who smudges invokes a prayer, a mantra, or expresses a clear intention.

What do you need for smudging?

  • A dried herb bundle, a wood stick, or a resin
  • A fireproof container
  • A box of matches
  • Feather for fanning smoke
  • Sand or dirt

The herbs you use for smudging depend on your intention. Here are some examples of herbs and their benefits:

  • White sage for cleansing, healing, and protection
  • Desert sage for protection, purification, and positive energies
  • Cedar cleansing a new house and protection
  • Sweetgrass to attract love and positive energies
  • Lavender for protection, relaxation
  • Palo santo to dissipate negative energies and bring harmony

How to Perform Smudging at Home?

1. Set a clear intention - before you start the preparation for smudging, take a few moments to relax and reflect on why you want to perform smudging: for cleansing, protection, healing, support on your spiritual practices. You can also use a short prayer or mantra during smudging.

2. Prepare the space and your tools - open all the doors and windows in the house or rooms where you intend to smudge. prepare all your tools and have a bowl of water nearby, just in case.

3. Smudging to cleanse your home - put sand or dirt in your bowl, light a match, and hold the bundle or the stick you use over the match until it smolders. Direct smoke with one hand while holding the smudge in the other one and visualize that the smoke is cleansing the space. Start at the doorway, then move clockwise around your room. Keep moving around the place until you return to the center of the room. If you are cleansing an object, guide the smoke around it; smudging can be beneficial to cleanse newly purchased objects, secondhand items, and gifts.

4. Smudging to cleanse yourself - smudging was performed in many cultures for healing purposes, and nowadays, it is widely used by energy healers and psychic readers. When you perform smudging for yourself, direct the smoke over your body, paying attention to tense or painful areas. Smudging can relieve stress, anxiety, ease depression, promote relaxation and boost and uplift your energy.

5. Smudging for spiritual purposes - smudging was used in many cultures for spiritual purposes, before or during spiritual ceremonies, to enhance psychic abilities, intuition and to help to connect to astral realms or spirit guides. I love to cleanse the space with smudging before I meet my clients for psychic reading or healing sessions.

6. Things to do after smudging - never leave your smudge unattended and always make sure it's fully extinguished by tapping it into the dirt or sand in your shell. When done correctly, smudging is safe, and the effects last even after the smoke is cleared. Smudging is a sacred practice in many indigenous cultures, including the Native American culture. Treat and perform your smudging ritual with respect and always express your gratitude when you finished it.

Do You Still Sense Negative Energies or a Strange Presence After Smudging?

In such cases, a spiritual home cleansing could be just what you need. I performed house clearings many times over the past years, so I can help you create and maintain a pure, harmonious environment in your home.

Whenever you feel negative influences, unwanted energies, a strange presence or experience weird things in your home feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to perform a spiritual house clearing.

A house clearing is important if you want to have good Feng Shui in your home that attracts peace, abundance, happiness, and health.