Happy Saint Paddy’s to Ye!

Posted on 17th March, 2019

We are surrounded by little people. Fairies, nymphs, leprechauns and the like. Is it just someone's imagination or do these little sprites of nature really exist among us?

Everything on earth is alive with unobserved energy. I call it 'God' or 'Spirit.' Someone more scientific might call it 'Quarks' or 'Quantum Physics.' The fact remains that animate or inanimate objects from the smallest to the largest pulse with energy. Living among us is an active and lively unseen energy. Is it such a stretch then to imagine that there are other levels of existence which most of us cannot observe? Pulses we cannot see with the average human eye?

As we know, our 'spirit world' of people exists whether they have a body or not. So do the spirits of every living thing. They have life regardless of whether we are gifted with the sight to see them.

These Lovely 'Little Fairies' and 'Gnomes' Are Still with Us Today

They are depicted much as they have been since early times. We have sketches, new and old, stories, dolls, and statues. All of which were created by our imaginations. And still, they survive era after era because on some level, we know them to be true. They are seen by those gifted with a sixth sense of sight and depicted all over the world in various cultures and societies.

Just for fun imagine what a water spirit, or sprite, might look like. A fire spirit or that of a tree. The world is very much alive and full of mischief. Look beyond your five senses. What do you imagine? Soften your vision and look with your third eye. What do you see? The aura of another life perhaps?

Angels take wing in our presence every moment. Although many are not aware of this, it still remains true. What would be the harm if we all allow ourselves to believe in a little blarney?