A Gift of Peace - Guided Meditation

Posted on 19th February, 2020

Many of my clients contact me when they feel unappreciated, insecure, frustrated, not loved, stressed or depressed. Based on my years of experience, I know that meditation is one of the best and simplest methods that can help one go through difficult times. Various types of meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years. There are different definitions of meditation, it is described as quiet time spent without thoughts or as a practice of focusing the mind.

Guided Meditation - Definition and Benefits

Meditation has been practiced to balance the body, mind, and spirit. There are a few steps you should follow when you want to meditate, such as manifesting an intention, relaxation, taking the right position. If you never practiced meditation, I would suggest starting with this guided meditation and practicing that on a daily basis. It takes perseverance and patience to achieve considerable effects, but when you start to experience its benefits, you will realize it's worth it.

During a guided meditation one or more participants meditate following the guidance of a trained practitioner in person or via sound or audiovisual recording.

This guided meditation can have various benefits including:

  • stress relief
  • improved decision making
  • emotional balance and control
  • reduced risk of depression
  • mental clarity
  • reduced negative thoughts
  • increased imagination and creativity
  • awakening the intuition

The Inner Peace You Are Looking For

The practice of this meditation extends beyond the effects on the physical, emotional, or mental level, its real purpose is to develop direct contact with our Creator and to simply immerse into the bliss that comes with this connection.

During this guided meditation you will experience moments of silence on the recording, to help you focus on gaining a tranquil, still mind. In this quiet space, the channels to your intuition open, and new possibilities to understand yourself and the Universe on a deeper level start to arise. If you wish to take your spiritual practice to the next level, you have found the right place, where you will be guided with care and compassion toward peace and light even through the most difficult times.