Forever Grateful for Being Your Grandmother

Posted on 19th September, 2022

This guy lights up my life. He fills me with such joy I could burst! He's one of the extraordinary people in my life who have blessed me beyond measure.

While National Grandparents Day was celebrated this year on September 11, I feel like I'm celebrating it every time we're together. Being able to provide him care and guidance for a harmonious emotional and spiritual development is the most incredible privilege, one that I do not take lightly.

The Essence of Absolute Bliss

The angelic presence of my grandson in this lifetime is the epitome of beatitude, and it is with wholeheartedness that I bestow upon him my unconditional love and ongoing support. I've reached a new level of enlightenment, one that I never knew I had within me.

I am eternally grateful for God's greatest gift and a new bond forged through the Earthly years. Thankful does not even begin to express the feelings I carry within my heart. Love is such a complex and ever-morphing perception; it ignites a deeper understanding and awareness gained from newly formed and unbreakable ties originating in human interaction.

Becoming a grandparent is truly life-changing and enriches your overall experiences. We are meant to accumulate as much knowledge as possible during this lifetime, and family bonds represent the most significant source.

Grandparents Day is an excellent opportunity for spending some gratifying time with the family - the core and foundation of your life's journey. Grandparents represent the protective pillars fearlessly withstanding the pressure of time:

  • they are our lasting tie to the past
  • they provide an understanding of our heritage and former events
  • they enrich our experiences and strengthen our beliefs
  • they are our rock through an ever-changing society and generational tradition

Take time to honor your grandparents daily, and appreciate all the wisdom and joy they bring to your lives! No wonder the official flower for National Grandparents Day is the forget-me-not!

Happy Grandparents Day!

Celebrate each other and rejoice in the togetherness of the moment, honoring everything that grandparents do and all they stand for.

Grandparents Day is the perfect occasion to reflect on the good they cast upon the younger generations and show them some much-needed appreciation. Make them feel special and shower them with at least a fragment of the devotion and dedication that they bless their grandchildren with throughout their lives. Time is a precious resource; spend it wisely and affectionately!

How is your relationship with your grandparents? If you want to deepen your connection and need advice, help, or counseling, feel free to let me know.