Focus on the Positive

Posted on 17th May, 2019

I wake up feeling very thankful most days. It wasn't always that way. There are times of struggle and loss in all of our lives. These are the times when we build spiritual muscle.

It is hard not to focus on troubling things especially if there is something looming and scary or heartbreaking.

These are the times to try even harder to find the joy and those nuggets in life we can be thankful for.

Whatever we focus on goes out into the universe like a message beacon and attracts more experiences that match our focus. Imagine something like a vacuum that sucks (or is attracted to) everything you think about. The more powerful the emotion, the more powerful the suction. Focus on lack attracts more lack. Focus on loneliness, and loneliness will bring more loneliness. The difficulty is to focus on the good or the dreams when the trouble seems all-pervasive.

Techniques I Use that Have Really Helped Me

First begin to daydream, imagine you are in a movie and the movie plot is perfect and wonderful. Imagine you are the star of the show, and all the other actors and movie staff are there to support you and to provide you with whatever you need and want. Comedy, drama, love story, or tragedy. It's all up to you. Write the script you want to live. Imagine your life, love, finances, and health are all happy and easy. Begin to imagine what that would be like, how would that feel, and how that would lift your spirits.

Imagine your new script three times a day, and connect with your new feelings. Your feelings about and in these situations will get you 'shifted' much more quickly than an image of things alone.

Now Back to the Present and to What Is Happening Now

Bring your positive focus into the present with attention to all the feelings and things that make you feel gratitude in the present moment. This means focusing on the good. Are you lucky enough to have hands to use? Feet to move you along? Air to breath? Feel that gratitude in your heart for all the blessings you can think of. Remember the greater amount of gratitude you can well up inside of you, the stronger the Infinite vacuum pulls towards you. If you are lonely, try feeling the love you share with any person, your pet, or God. Let this feeling well up inside of you, until it reaches such a pinnacle of love that you feel you might burst of all the love.

Thankfulness Brings Joy into Your Heart and It Attracts More Joy

It can be hard to give up victimhood out in the world, and sometimes wanting others to understand "just how bad it is" can be tempting. You are a powerful creator. You are putting out a powerful message at all times. Check what you are broadcasting. Are you vacuuming up the good the universe has for you? This is powerful manifesting, and it is working for or against your dreams at all times. Manage your thoughts as powerful messages.

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