Explore Past Lives through Literature

Posted on 18th November, 2019

I just read a great book. It is a novel written by Juliette Sobanet called "Dancing With Paris". It is a quick, lively read. I enjoyed the writing, the romance, and the adventure this book offers. The unique part of this book is that it addresses the idea of past lives and how they might interplay with our current life experience.

Juliette does a splendid job of showing how this might play out in our own life experiences. I haven't read any other book like it. If you have read any novels about past lives, please let me know. It was fun and entertaining but I refuse to give away any of the plot. You really must read and enjoy this for yourself.

Another Novel that Involves Past Lives Is Coelho's "Aleph". The book intertwines two different lives of the author. It unwinds and becomes a very exciting story. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think! To follow Paulo Coelho, please visit his website.

I Offer Past Life Regression and Exploration

Understanding your past lives and the roads you've traveled before may help you in these five ways:

1. It is fun to explore who, what, and where you have been

2. Understand insights into your patterns and lessons as a soul

3. It's an opportunity through self-awareness to make new and enlightened decisions

4. Knowledge is power

5. You can write a best-selling book about your past life

I wish you a joyful journey always ...past...present...future. How might your knowledge of past lives help you?

Feel free to call me to discover who you have been in the past.