Enlightened Problem Solving

Posted on 13th September, 2023

When circumstances in my life felt out of control, I used to get worried, mostly because I was looking for solutions and feared the outcome. My need to control made me resist the natural flow. Working from the conscious mind level to find solutions to our problems and implement them is ineffective, as that's the very place where the problem is stuck. Our so-called solutions often create roadblocks in the greater picture of what the universe has planned for us.

An elevated soul sees all things as good, whole, and healed, and so as they are! Anytime we see a situation as a problem, it can be nothing but a problem. Therefore, we need not solutions to our problems but a different approach. I have found and tried this comprehensive approach, and it worked miraculously!

I invite you to try it and see!

An Effective Way to Solve Your Problems

Pick a problem or a situation that concerns you, with the intention that you will give up control.

Look at it as a project rather than a problem. Get in touch with the feeling of what the positive outcome will give you, such as:

  • health
  • joy
  • freedom
  • love

Now let go of the feeling of must do something, and let go of the attachment to the positive outcome while holding onto the essence of the desired feeling. Nothing else is left now than the "project" and the essence of the desired feeling.

Take a moment to be aware of how your energy transformed just by letting go of the feeling of control of the outcome and by changing the label - "problem" to "project", go into meditation and enter your higher inner space.

Fill yourself with the feeling or essence you desire. You transcended the conscious mind now; do not think of the details of your project because if you do so, it will pull you back to the level of your conscious mind.

Experience your project as an energy. See it as a master would: full of love, joy and curiosity in a non-judgmental way. Contemplate your project color and shape, feel its energy, then slowly, as a divinely inspired metaphysical artist, create new energy in and with this project.

Resist any urge to think about the details. Create from a place of curiosity, joy, and love until the project's energy becomes the essence of the feeling you desire as the outcome. Play with it, splash it with yellow and add some purple stripes, or paint it in blue and add some sparkles. Enjoy the creative process, feel this fresh energy you have created, then let it go with love. Let it manifest in the physical world, knowing that it will bring you the essence you have created.

Finally, regardless of how many days it takes, practice this method with patience and know that you will succeed. Anytime you need counseling, feel free to contact me; I'm here to help you on your journey to a happy life.

My dear, I wish you love and light.