The Energy of Giving

Posted on 28th November, 2019

Giving is hard to do for some. While for others, giving comes naturally. Some people can spot a gift and it's perfect for the one they are giving it to. They automatically have a 'knowing' of what that person will love. Then there are others who dread to give but also desire it. They love the idea of giving, but they either don't have enough money, or they fear the embarrassment if the receiving end doesn't like it.

Let's be honest, giving can be complicated.

We Are Taught from a Young Age to Say Thank You

It's part of our American culture to be polite and thankful. What we don't realize is that we are being taught a fundamental energetic gift. As you are most likely aware the law of attraction is the most powerful law throughout our universe. It's an energetic law that is a universal gift.

Giving has its own energy or frequency as do all things. The frequency of giving selflessly to another being is one of the highest frequencies. Aligning yourself with the vibration or frequency of giving can offer many benefits to your life. It is scientifically proven that people who give most often to charities or donate their time to others live longer happier lives.

It's Been Proven that an Act of Giving Raises the Vibration of YOU and the Receiver

It also equally raises the vibration of anyone who observes the giving. One act of kindness has the POWER to lift the vibrations of good in our world.

The energy of giving is more than just offering a gift to another person. The energy also attracts a domino effect throughout the entire world! That's an incredible frequency of change.

We know that Thanksgiving is about historical events, but I believe it was truly created to remind us that before the year ends, we need to raise the frequency of the planet. We feast to gain the energy to give. Christmas is a tradition that strengthens our ability to give to others. The energy is magical every time. That's what November and December are all about: building up the energy to give.

The Energy of Giving Raises the Frequency of Others and You, So Why Not Give More?

The more you give, the more you get! In the back of my book, Knowing (the last page), it mentions the charity that I support.

Women's Empowerment International (WE) is a charity that provides women the tools they need to work their way OUT of POVERTY. The Women's Empowerment International support women who are in a struggle to feed their families, provide a safe home, and educate their children.

I wholeheartedly understand their struggles.

This charity is the gift that keeps on giving, with only $100 donation, you can give impoverished women hope by providing them the opportunity to start a business. All women in the program have to pay their loans back to the charity which recycles all donations.

Your small donations can make a great impact. You can donate online at or by mail at:

Women's Empowerment International
PO Box 501406, San Diego, CA. 92150-1406
(619) 333-0026

This Thanksgiving I want to give you a gift. The gift of an opportunity of giving. The gift to raise the vibration and frequency of the entire world.