Do You Doubt Your Intuition as a Parent?

Posted on 29th April, 2019

The children that we have been blessed with in our lives rely on us for their every need. Some days (if we're honest, more days than not), we might doubt that we are doing what's really best for them.

We might worry that we didn't take the right advice or aren't doing what other parents suggest, or maybe we were raised by imperfect parents and the role was never properly defined for us, so we fumble to get it right.


You know what? If you are worried, it's only because you care.

Still, there are many experts out in the world that would love to tell us that there is a better way of parenting. A way that might sound good, but in practice in your little family, might feel completely unnatural. You and your children have a song that you sing together. Only you and your children know the melody and the words.

Psychic Readings for Moms

Recently, I spoke with a lovely mom here in San Diego. She is very conscientious about her parenting, hence the name of her blog, Conscious Parents.

There was an area of her life with regard to her daughter that she was doubting. I was able to help her uncover some issues and get to the heart of what mattered. Here is her story, you can read it here or ==> A Mother's Intuition. Are you a mom or a dad that struggles with really knowing that you are doing the right thing for your family and yourself? Feel free to contact me. I will help quiet those outside noises and help you find the melody that you and your children love to sing together.