Death Is Birth and Birth Is Death

Posted on 29th July, 2020

When we are happily throwing a baby shower and getting excited to celebrate the arrival of a new angel born on Earth, perhaps it is that the angels are mourning the loss they will soon experience. When our loved one passes over, we cry and miss them, but in the realm of spirit, there is much to celebrate.

When we pass over into the angelic realm we are reunited with loved ones and there is much to celebrate. Of course, we will miss those we have left behind on Earth, but more than ever we are aware of the joy and happiness of our spiritual friends and family. We are aware that we will see our earth family again as well. Death is not a permanent condition, but rather a change of environment.

Caterpillar's Transformation into a Beautiful Butterfly

When we want to understand and assimilate the concept of death, the caterpillar is a fabulous example for us. When the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it has not died and yet its experience of life is entirely different. The caterpillar is earthbound and has awareness of the plant it is on, and perhaps not much else. When the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly suddenly the world view is much larger. There is flying free and the ease of travel is incomparable when it is no longer earthbound. The butterfly emerges into a seemingly new, unknown world, but the caterpillar never died, it only changed the way it experiences life. What an amazing lesson offered by Mother Nature to help us understand that although death is an irreversible process, it is not permanent.

It is a transformation into a new condition that allows us to learn and assimilate new experiences, new lessons and grow.

Past Life Readings to Experience the Continuous Journey of Transformation

We can experience the veracity of this continuous journey during past life regressions performed by an expert past life regressionist such as Shawna. Many people become aware of their past lives, it helps them gain an understanding regarding the meaning of their lives.

Life is a continuous transformation and growth.Caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, what a beautiful metamorphosis.