It Takes Courage to Share Your Dreams

Posted on 30th September, 2020

When was the last time you shared your dreams with someone you trust? If you have not shared your dreams, why not? What is holding you back? When you have the courage to share your dreams with those you trust, you take an important step in making those dreams become a reality.

Courage is one of the most important attributes you can develop throughout your life. It is one of the attributes that you need to develop to live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

You deserve to see your soul's deepest dreams come true. However, no one can make that happen for you. It's your path, you need to have the courage to take the steps until you achieve your goals. One of the most common questions I get from my clients is: how do I get the courage to follow my dreams? My dear, no one can give that courage to you. You will have to find it deep in your soul. It is your own personal quest. However, as on any other path, you can ask for help, strength and guidance. When you decide to follow your dreams, the entire Universe will help you - angels, spirit guides, loved ones will come to offer their help and support. During the Intuitive Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling sessions, one of the most common messages from Spirit is that we are never alone. We are inspired, guided, assisted in many mysterious ways.

When you want your dreams to become a reality there are a few steps, you need to take:

  1. Identify what your dreams are
  2. Write them down
  3. Don't focus on the hurdles, keep your eyes on your goals
  4. Ask for help, no matter what comes in your way, find your inner resources to continue
  5. Never, ever quit, focus on the fantastic outcome, take the risks and go for your dreams
  6. Identify those people who will encourage, support, and motivate you to achieve your dreams...and share your dreams with them

Ask the Right Questions

The real question is not whether or not you have the courage. The question you need to ask is: what are my biggest fears? Other questions you should ask yourself:

  • What if I will not do what I need to do to make my dreams come true?
  • Will I regret it later?
  • How do I get the courage to follow my dreams?
  • How can I become more courageous?

Finding the answers to these questions will be a tremendous help for you, my dear. What does following your dreams mean? I often get this question. Now, that's another story...

More information can be found in my award-winning book "Knowing".