Composting: A Win/Win for Your Garden, and for the Environment

Posted on 17th July, 2021

I have a compost bin and find it very easy to use. I am amazed at the amount of green waste we generate to put in our compost bin. It feels good to know that all our green waste will go back into my yard and make every plant thrive.

Best of all, my husband Peter and I are preparing the soil for our organic vegetable garden. To have a fabulous garden in the spring, you need to prepare your compost now. Composting is easy.

You can build your compost bin for as little as $20.00 or purchase a pre-made composter at your local garden or home improvement store. An adequately managed composter has a slight smell, it is easy to maintain, and is suitable for the environment.

How composting helps:

  • Reduces landfill space by recycling green waste. All those banana peels, apple cores, eggshells and more, can be recycled into your compost bin. Even fallen leaves in your yard can be added to your compost.
  • Adds nutrients back into the soil. A gardener can spend a fortune on fertilizers every year. Why not make your own organic fertilizer and save money while helping the environment?
  • Improves and corrects soil issues in areas with a lot of sand and clay.
  • You will keep dangerous chemicals out of the ground and water table by providing a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.
  • Keep many common plant diseases in check by increasing plant health and vitality.

Molly is a landscaper who first taught me how to start composting. I recommend her class for accurate, useful guidance. You will be composting and smiling.