Aura Readings - The Colors of Your Aura

Posted on 21st January, 2021

Do you know what colors do you have in your aura?

The colors you surround yourself with tell a lot about you, even though you may not realize it. We are all attracted to certain colors, while we keep ourselves away from others. There is a very good reason for that. During my reading sessions, I could see colors of energy around my clients, each color representing an aspect of them. How many times do we say to our friends: How beautiful you look in that dress and how much this color suits you. In such cases our friends are wearing colors that harmonize with their auras, bringing out the best of them. Such colors vibrate with the same vibrations as the aura and thus strengthen it.

The Colors of the Aura

Red - since ancient times, this color is considered the color of power, passion, and strength. Beautiful bright red in the aura shows vitality and energy. However, red's interpretation depends upon the shade, as with all colors. Light red for example indicates an impulsive, very active person.

Orange - is the color of sensuality and vitality. Bright, pure orange in aura shows thoughtfulness and self-control. Brownish orange in the aura can show a lack of ambition and laziness. Crystal clear orange is also the symbol of the sun and the symbol of spirituality in Eastern spiritual traditions.

Yellow - with a golden shade indicates health and well-being. People with bright, clear yellow in their aura are happy, optimistic, and friendly.

Pure green - is considered the color of healing. People with emerald green color in their auras are helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. Doctors, nurses, healers, alternative therapists, energy healers often have a lot of beautiful emerald green in their auras.

Blue - is the symbol of heaven, it is the color of contemplation, deep meditation, and prayer. Almost any shade of blue is good when it is in the aura. Those with deep blue shades in their auras are often unusual, spiritual-minded persons and their life is usually dedicated to a higher cause, such as science, art, social service, teaching, or spirituality.

Violet - the color of royals and high priests since ancient times, indicates spiritual seekers, people searching for higher causes or authentic religious experiences.

Crystal clear white - has the highest vibration of all colors. When our souls are in perfect balance, then all our color vibrations blend in pure, white color and we have a sublime, bright white aura.

Psychic Readings, Aura Readings

During psychic readings, aura and chakra balancing sessions my clients' auras also provide information about their health condition, thoughts, feelings, struggles, life potentials as well as about their life lessons.

Muddied colors often indicate health problems, depression, anxiety, while pure, crystal clear colors always show, a healthy balanced aura. My dear, how colorful is your rainbow?