Color Therapy - The Magic Of Colors

Posted on 13th January, 2021

Have you noticed yourself craving a particular color? I certainly have, and often!

Color is a powerful healer. To use color as therapy, you can wear colorful clothes, decorate your home with colorful home decor elements, or bathe in colored lights. I often use stones of a particular color to capture the essence of the colors. I use a technique of colored water I learned from Spirit many years ago.

We live in a colorful world, colors are all around us, in nature, in our homes, on the clothes we wear. Not many know that colors can change the way we feel, act, and react. So, what is color therapy, and what is used for?

Color therapy also known as chromotherapy had a significant role in many cultures. In Eastern cultures, each color has a meaning and is considered to have specific benefits.

Color therapy can have various benefits, it can help to:

  • relax, calm, balance during stressful times
  • invigorate depressed people
  • balance the chakras and clear the aura
  • bring positive influences on all levels
  • induce profound meditation and relaxation
  • reduce stress and anxiety

How To Select the Right Colors To Work With?

Color therapy is known and used since ancient times in India, China, Egypt, and Greece. Color therapy is always individualized, it is important to know what are the right colors to work with. The color that helps you might make someone else feel worse.

For example, when someone is stressed or frustrated, different shades of green and blue might be good to use, while red or orange might enhance agitation and fiery emotions. For depressed or sad people blue wouldn't be the right color to use, in this case, bright red, yellow, or orange can help to awake the joy of life and optimism they need. During my reading sessions, Spirit often recommends certain colors to be used to bring balance and harmony in my clients' being.

The Benefits of Colors

Purple - is associated with wisdom, royalty, and spirituality. In color therapy, violet is often used to induce a sense of calm, relaxation, or deep meditative states. However, it's not recommended for those who struggle with depression, pessimism, or sadness.

Green - color therapists consider green the most balancing and safest color. When you're feeling down, hopeless, or sad, green can improve your mood.
Various shades of bright or light green will bring inner peace, hope, and serenity.

Blue - can be used to experience a sense of peace and serenity. It is often used to induce deep meditation and relaxation. Certain blue shades are also associated with creativity and wisdom.

Yellow - can be used to encourage action and self-confidence. It can enhance intelligence, optimism, and happiness.

Orange - is associated with abundance, well-being, and sexuality. It increases vitality, joy, and self-confidence.

Red - is a very stimulating color and it can enhance fiery emotions and cause intense agitation. However, bright red has many benefits such a regeneration, enhanced passion, courage, self-confidence when it is used with caution.

Colors In Your Everyday Life

Like all the other alternative therapies, chromotherapy may be helpful to you or it may not. It can take many forms and it can be used combined with art therapy, energy healing sessions, yoga practices or simply using colored light devices.

I am so delighted to see that my clients after our psychic readings, or chakra balancing sessions develop an improved awareness and understand better the need for including certain colors in their lives. Although an experienced therapist will know what colors you need to be balanced and teach you how to use them, there are simple methods you can integrate into your life to enjoy the benefits of colors:

  • wearing clothes of certain colors
  • using colored lights to illuminate your room
  • painting the walls of your home
  • coloring books, painting, drawing
  • keep your water in colored bottles
  • use colored furniture and decor elements

My dear, what are your favorite colors? What is your signature color?