Climbing the Divine Mountain

Posted on 13th May, 2020

God lives, moves, and has his/her being in us. We pray to God and yet many of us understand that we are at least a spark of God. God is the totality of all that is and as far as I can ponder that leaves nothing out. That means you are the stuff of God.

When you pray do you pray to a God who is above and beyond your reach? Do you pray to a source within your personal vibratory space? Do you imagine a cosmos of energy is listening and granting a wish like a Genie? Is your deity female or male or perhaps many deities or aspects of God? I ask because I am curious and for no other reason. When I come back in another life, I plan to study religion. In fact, I laugh with God often about the long list of things I would like to return to Earth for pursuing during my future lives. You see, although this life has not been a cakewalk for me by any means, I am here to serve others and bring them closer to Spirit, Creator, by any name you choose. I love doing just this and will come back to Earth many times for this purpose. In this life, my other calling and passion have been motherhood and marriage. I did not always choose the easy path because I did not know another way at the time.

The Path to Spiritual Awakening

I see our path to spiritual awakening as a very individual trek. We know we are searching for our connection to the creator or perhaps we aren't even aware of what we are seeking but no one can do the discovery for us. We will each attract some guides or teachers along the way. A Sherpa or trail guide that provides knowledge, direction, encouragement will come along here and there. A new teacher will appear when you are ready. Just as 4th grade follows 3rd you will gradually advance even if you start out not being able to read (intuitively). Each time you grow in knowledge, you may wonder how you could possibly not have known that before. Once you know it seems so very obvious. But we just don't know what we don't know and that is where a teacher or guide can be very helpful. Sometimes we think we know everything we need right up until we discover there is even more to know. The more you know, the more you realize how much you don't know. I now know for example that my life would have been very much easier if I knew then what I know now.

Divine Guides and the Spiritual Climb

I would like to express gratitude for those teachers great and small, kind and cruel that have taught me so much. Of course, there have been those Divine guides as well to which I am immeasurably grateful and still learning.

I envision our Spiritual climb as a very large mountain with room for many forms of adventure. The mountain symbol I see is a cone-shaped mountain with many different terrains, joys, and perils. At the top is the realization of what we have been seeking - Creator. You may choose to hike up the waterfall on your side of the mountain while I prefer the meadow path. The poor soul on the far side believes he must crawl on hands and knees up the slippery shale with no water or shade in sight.

Some wander off-trail for days and love this path, while others cry for fear that they are lost and can't find the trail. Life can be a miserable trail to climb sometimes and we may not even realize that just on the other side is a different path. The wonderment of a great guide or teacher can be as simple as showing you a different option for your life's path. Wayne Dyer said, 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'.

What if you have been struggling your whole life on the hardest path? What if the easy pretty path with flowing streams and lovely flora and fauna, was a stone's throw away but just out of view. A Sherpa, guide, or intuitive counselor can show you a different perspective. A fresh approach on a new path can really change the climb. What if with a little knowledge you could find a more enjoyable, easier adventure to travel in this life?

We are here in life to climb and grow. My calling in life is to help you find the simplest most joyful adventure as you climb toward Spiritual Awakening and Peace.

More information can be found in my award-winning book Knowing: