The Greatest Challenge for Parents During Lockdown

Posted on 13th June, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brought major lifestyle changes for all of us. One of the first issues for families in this period is having the children at home all day long. With their kids stuck at home, parents had to take on more duties and responsibilities. Coordinating family activities, the kids' day-to-day programs, and turning their homes into classrooms is not an easy task.

The challenge is even bigger for single parents. Careful budgeting and time management are some of the skills that every parent had to learn during the lockdown. The families' lifestyle and pace have changed - household routines, daily chores, had to be scheduled in coordination with the home office and the children's school program. Have your view of schools and the roles they play changed in these past months?

Challenges of the Online School During Lockdown

I think we all agree that the main advantage of this period is that parents spent a lot more time with their children. That is wonderful and exhausting at the same time. When you feel that this whole situation is overwhelming, remember: seek help. I'd be happy to help and offer guidance through this unprecedented period.

It is also important to keep in mind; this period has a powerful impact on our children's lives as well. Their normal weekday routine is gone, many of them find it hard to stay at home, not having the possibility to meet their friends. There's no quick fix to cope with this unprecedented situation, but we are all in this together and we can help each other thrive.

To keep yourself sane during this period, establish a daily routine for yourself and your children, make exercise a part of your family's daily routine, find online resources, limit your children's screen time as much as it's possible, play more, laugh more, and don't forget to be kind to yourself.

After months playing the role of the parent, the tutor, the homework supervisor, the daycare administrator, and sometimes the coach, we definitely:

  • value and respect the teachers much more
  • know our children better
  • developed tons of new skills
  • expanded our limits