Breakup with Best Friend

Posted on 30th August, 2022

Losing your best friend can be just as painful as splitting up with your partner. It's just as terrible as a breakup. Breaking up with a best friend can even feel worse than a divorce.

You lose your confidante and decades of shared memories when losing a childhood friend. While we talk a lot about the trauma of breakups, people don't acknowledge the end of a friendship. If you already feel your friendship is not working, you're probably constantly wondering why:

  • What could have led to this?
  • What has changed?
  • When did we become so different?
  • What can I do now?

Breaking up with your best friend doesn't always require a big fight or other dramatic relationship issues. Sometimes it is simply a matter of growing up and transforming. Your life experiences may not shape you the same way, and maybe you are not on the same wavelength anymore. You may still respect each other, but you are no longer the best friends who called each other first when they were happy or sad.

What to do when your best friend breaks up with you?

I know you feel abandoned, and it hurts, but you have to accept what happened. It's unnecessary and unhealthy to live in the past. Of course, you can try to rebuild the relationship, but if you don't see any improvement, it's better to get closure instead of making things worse.

Best Friends Forever?

You expect to share the future with your best friend and believe that person will always be around.

When your friendship ends, you feel abandoned and disappointed. What to do when you lose your best friend? How to navigate this challenging period?

1. Reflect on what this separation means to you.

2. Grieve so you can move on.

3. Realize that you connect with some people only for a particular time of your life.

4. Know that you might not always grow alongside your friends.

5. Seek help and support from the people in your life.

6. Acknowledge the part you may have had in this separation.

These keys can bring you closer to finding peace and continuing along your journey. There is no universal secret recipe that can be applied to every friendship. If you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. My relationship reading sessions might provide insightful guidance on integrating the received information into your daily life, allowing your friendships to flourish and reach their maximum potential.