Blessing in Disguise - COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 8th June, 2020

by Shawna

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so much good into family life around the world. I see families walking together and talking together. Dads are out in the yards tossing a baseball with their kids. My neighborhood looks like a 1950's movie or a Norman Rockwell painting. There may be some pushback as parents discover they no longer wish to spend all their evenings driving the kids to sports and eating fast food on the go.

Time to Invest in Your Family Life

Are you a parent who spent countless hours stressing yourself and the kids into every sport or activity just to land that great university that is now online and seems a bit subpar? What you do with the extra time spent at home during lockdown will have significant effects on your children's development. The changes we are experiencing today will have an impact on our family life and long-term effects on society. Families around the world had to adjust to life under lockdown, many parents juggling work and childcare responsibilities daily. The lockdown brought unprecedented challenges in our lives.

However, it brings also the chance to make better relationships with our children. You have time to set aside and spend one-on-one time with each child. Quality time spent with your children will make them feel loved and secure. You have time to sing for your child, to tell him stories from your childhood, to read a book, or to look at pictures together. Children love to play. So, play with them. Cook together, dance, sing, read together. This lockdown gives you time to give your full attention to your children. Listen to your children, look at them, be delighted by the purity of their eyes, and the beauty of their smile.

Time to Connect with Your Inner Child

Spending more time with your children will help you remember your childhood and allow your inner child to emerge. Embrace and nurture your inner child enjoying activities you wouldn't do in your "normal adult life". Take a step back from the adult role, play, and let the thrill of life take over.