Efficient Methods During and After Lockdown

Posted on 17th June, 2020

I feel so sad for families that are struggling financially from no work as well as anyone who works behind a mask. One hour at the market with a mask on and I want to nap. Breath is not the same behind a mask.

The most vulnerable members I worry about are the children trapped with parents who are addicts or abusive and often both. These young ones have no break through school, friends, sports. Millions of children are out of school in this period. The widespread job and income loss, isolation, anxieties over finances are likely to increase stress and depression which results in an increasing number of domestic violence incidents, between partners and against children.

For many children, the COVID-19 pandemic brought limited or no possibilities for education due to the lack of internet access or the availability of learning materials. Abuses and violence against children are also less likely to be detected during the COVID-19 pandemic, as child protection agencies have reduced monitoring to avoid spreading the virus. With closed schools, there are no teachers or coaches to observe the children's poor conditions and report them.

There Is Always a Solution

It's not easy to face everything the COVID-19 brought in our lives. Many of my clients have contacted me feeling insecure, frustrated, angry, stressed, or depressed. I know this period is really stressful for many of us.

Parents are stressed because schools are closed and they have to assume more duties and responsibilities. Children are also affected by this situation being away from friends and teachers.

When we struggle, it is essential to seek help. Based on my experience, I know that there are effective ways that can help us go through difficult periods:

Are you struggling during these challenging times? Learn how to maximize your intentions and achieve your goals. Call me at 1-800-KNOWING. I will offer my help as a spiritual counselor or life coach to assist you with personal growth, in issues with career, finances, and relationships. I will do my best to guide you with care and compassion toward peace and light to help you go through these difficult times.