A Phone Call Home

Posted on 29th January, 2019

Friends, Today I bring you a blog post written by my dearest friend and husband, Pete.

When we were young, we played and got into mischief, and our parents, our mothers, and fathers, were patient with us and guided us.

Sometimes their guidance was soft and gentle and sometimes it was swift and firm. All their actions were done with Love.

As were grew older, our parents still loved us, but we were out of the house and on our own. The need for advice and comfort never leaves us. Our mothers and fathers are still there watching from afar and always available. When we do phone them up for help and advice, we usually do a lot of talking at first. And then there comes a time in the conversation when we want the advice - and we can only get, and we can only receive the advice we are seeking when we are listening.

We can't absorb the information fully if we are distracted, watching television or cooking or involved with any other activity. In those really intense and sometimes emotional discussions, we unconsciously remove distractions around us. We even search out a quiet room in the house, sometimes the bathroom (a door with a lock!). We don't want to miss anything being said on the other end of the line.

As children of God, and children of the Universe, our God, our Mother, our Father, watch over us all the time. In times of crisis, we pray to God for guidance and direction. God, who loves us more than all else, is always with us and guiding us. Just like a phone call to our parents, in order to fully absorb and hear the inspiration from God, we need to block out and remove ourselves from distractions. We need to listen. The more distractions we can block out, the better we can listen. The better we can listen to our Mother and our Father, the happier we will be, and the more peace we will have.

So set aside time to listen without distractions. Sit quietly 10 minutes a day. Make that spiritual phone call Home to our Mother/Father God. Enjoy the inspiration and advice, love and peace that flows to you from the other end of the line.

Thank you!

Peter Allard