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Readings by phone or in person.

For evening and weekend appointments please call:

800-KNOWING or 800-566-9464

Discover The Life Changing Magic of Knowing

Shawna has over 3 decades of experience helping people just like you to get the answers and clarity you need.

You will receive accurate information filled with clarity and compassion. Shawna’s expertise in connecting to Spirit brings forth vast wisdom and healing power without the need for cards or palms.

You are encouraged to relax and enjoy the knowledge and guidance provided to help with:

  • Life decisions
  • Relationship issues
  • Career goals and undiscovered opportunities
  • Emotional challenges
  • Health

Through meditative prayer, Shawna is able to channel the voice of Spirit as well as visions and emotions. Shawna will record your reading so you may review and listen again for deeper understanding.

Long Term Relationships

Shawna’s many devoted clients are a testimony to her natural gift for accuracy and her ability to bring about healing in the lives she touches.

A fee is charged for Shawna’s time, not the spiritual experience and guidance which are beyond price.

1 hour session $140. Short session $80.