Shawna Allard has been called many things — Gifted Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic. It doesn’t matter what you call her or how you choose to understand what she is willing to share, the fact still remains that she exudes serenity, understanding, thoughtfulness and an open mind that she uses to help people find their peace and truth.

Shawna didn’t know that she was psychic until she was nine years old, when she realized that she could see auras or, in nine year old terms, “colorful lights around people’s heads”. She knew she was different and was gifted with the ability to “see”, but she didn’t fully develop this gift until she was in her mid thirties, and her life turned upside down.

In her early thirties, Shawna had a nine month old baby and was pregnant with her second, when she became a single mom. At this point she worked as an accountant, and in her spare time, did psychic readings for friends and family. In lieu of a fee, Shawna asked for feedback, so that she herself could learn from the readings.

Eventually she quit accounting and was able to support her family with the money she made from psychic readings. People come to Shawna from all over the world — from Japan and Switzerland and Norway, mostly with questions about relationships, finance, health and spiritual wellness. Some want to connect with family and friends who have passed on, and for Shawna, it doesn’t matter what the question is, the ultimate goal is the same — to help guide her clients to find their peace and truth. She makes a CD recording for her clients during their appointment, so that they can really spend the time to understand and absorb the message they have been given. Shawna offers appointments by phone or in person.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, Shawna has a strong love for all religious beliefs and aspects, and believes that religion is not a barrier. The point is to make a connection with truth that enables you to live your best possible life.

Shawna has spent a lifetime devoted to helping people find the healing and peace that they seek.
She has been serving as a professional Psychic for over 21 years now. Along with being a Gifted Intuitive, she is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor and Feng Shui Practitioner.

Shawna is celebrating a new office and is offering her services for ½ off the usual price to all new clients in the month of March.

You may be skeptical, but when you find yourself with questions that you cannot fathom or answer, or if you feel like you need help with connecting to a source of wisdom, Shawna will give you strong support and a valuable second opinion. Shawna says “Always trust your intuition and for a back-up plan…Call Shawna.”

She is easy to contact via website ( or
Calls can be made to (800) 566-9464.